Abhyangam is a traditional Ayurvedic massage that involves the application of medicinal herb oil to the entire body. Here are the key details about Abhyangam:

Procedure: Abhyangam is performed by two therapists who work in synchrony to provide a full-body massage using medicinal herb oil. The therapists use specific techniques and strokes that correspond to the direction of blood circulation in the body. The massage is generally gentle yet invigorating, aiming to nourish and revitalize the body.

Benefits: Abhyangam offers a wide range of benefits. The massage stimulates the vital life force or Prana within the body, promoting overall vitality and well-being. It helps nourish and revitalize the organs, supports the removal of toxins, and stimulates lymphatic circulation. Abhyangam also has a calming effect on the nervous system, strengthens the muscles, and invigorates the internal organs through reflex zones in the skin. The massage helps slow down the aging process and rejuvenates prematurely aged tissues.

Duration and Therapists: Abhyangam typically lasts for 45 minutes and is performed by two therapists who work in coordination. The presence of two therapists allows for a more effective and synchronized massage, ensuring that the entire body receives attention and care.

Conditions Treated: Abhyangam can be beneficial for various conditions and concerns. It is often recommended for individuals experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, as it promotes relaxation and emotional well-being. The massage can help alleviate muscular and joint pain, improve circulation, and address issues related to tension and exhaustion. Abhyangam may also be beneficial for individuals with skin irritation or conditions. However, it is important to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner to determine the suitability of Abhyangam for your specific needs and condition.