The Stress Management Package is specifically designed for individuals experiencing symptoms of stress or burnout. Its primary objective is to provide relaxation and bring a sense of calm to the body, mind, and soul.

This package offers a range of treatments and therapies aimed at stress relief. One of the key components is the pouring of warm oil onto the forehead (Shirodhara), a deeply soothing practice known for its ability to promote relaxation and mental tranquility. Additionally, herbal steam baths are incorporated to further enhance the overall experience. The package also includes activities such as yoga and meditation, which are known for their stress-reducing benefits and promoting inner peace.

The ultimate goal of the Stress Management Package is to help individuals find relief from stress and allow the body and soul to find rest. It is recommended to undergo this package for a minimum duration of 7 to 14 days to fully experience the benefits. The daily duration of the treatments typically ranges from 180 to 240 minutes, providing an extensive and comprehensive approach to stress management.
The Slimming Package in Ayurveda is specifically designed to help individuals in their weight loss journey and achieve a greater sense of comfort and freedom within themselves. The main objectives of this treatment are losing weight, feeling more at ease, and preventing the negative effects associated with being overweight.

Traditional medicinal herbs play a central role in this Ayurvedic treatment. They are utilized in various forms, including powder massages, oils, steam baths, and medicines, to support the weight reduction process and promote overall well-being. These herbs are known for their therapeutic properties and effectiveness in supporting metabolism and digestion.

In addition to herbal interventions, individualized and varied nutrition is emphasized to complement the treatment. Ayurvedic dietary recommendations are provided to support the weight loss goals and optimize overall health.

The primary goal of the Slimming Package is weight reduction, allowing individuals to experience a positive transformation in their body and overall well-being. It is recommended to undergo this package for a minimum duration of 21 to 28 days to achieve significant results. The daily duration of the treatments typically ranges from 90 to 120 minutes, providing a comprehensive and tailored approach to weight management.