Shirovasti is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves the application of warm herb oil on the head. Here are the key details about Shirovasti:

Procedure: During Shirovasti, a special hat-like structure is placed on the head, which is open at the top. Warm herbal oil, specifically prepared for each individual, is poured into the hat and allowed to remain in contact with the scalp for a certain duration. The treatment is typically performed by two therapists who ensure proper application and monitoring.

Duration: Shirovasti treatment usually lasts for about 45 minutes. However, the specific duration may vary depending on the individual’s constitution, symptoms, and the guidance of the Ayurvedic practitioner.

Benefits: The direct contact of warm herb oil with the scalp during Shirovasti stimulates the head area and the nervous system. This treatment is believed to have various therapeutic benefits. It may help in conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, neurological disorders, migraines, insomnia, nervous or vegetative disorders, and dryness affecting the nose, mouth, or throat. Shirovasti is considered to be particularly beneficial for promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and balancing the doshas.