The Rejuvenation Package in Ayurveda focuses on the relaxation and revitalization of the body. Its main goals are to help you unwind and restore your energy. This package includes various treatments aimed at achieving these objectives.

One of the key elements of this package is full body massages (Abhyanga), where skilled therapists use Ayurvedic techniques to provide a rejuvenating experience. Additionally, warm Ayurvedic oils are poured onto your forehead in a process known as Shirodhara, which further promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

The Rejuvenation Package also incorporates medical steam baths, herbal medicine, and soothing face masks to enhance the overall rejuvenating effects. The herbal oils used in these treatments are carefully prepared according to traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations.

The ultimate goal of the Rejuvenation Package is to support your recovery and revitalize your body. It is recommended to undergo this package for a minimum duration of 14 days to fully experience its benefits. The daily duration of the treatment typically ranges from 90 to 120 minutes, allowing for a comprehensive and indulgent Ayurvedic experience.