Ksheera Dhoomam is a therapeutic procedure that falls under the category of Swedana, which involves inducing sweating as part of Ayurvedic cleansing therapies. Here are the key details about Ksheera Dhoomam:

Procedure: Ksheera Dhoomam involves the use of herbal medicine mixed with cow’s milk, which is then heated to produce steam. The steam is directed through a pipe to the affected areas of the body or can be applied to the entire body. The medicinal properties of the herbal mixture combined with the steam aim to provide therapeutic benefits.

Duration: The duration of Ksheera Dhoomam treatment is typically around 15 minutes. The exact duration may vary depending on the individual’s condition and the recommendation of the Ayurvedic practitioners.

Therapists: Ksheera Dhoomam treatment usually requires the assistance of two therapists. One therapist prepares and administers the steam, while the other assists in ensuring the treatment is conducted smoothly and safely.
Benefits: Ksheera Dhoomam is known to provide various benefits for specific conditions. The herbal steam, combined with cow’s milk, is believed to have a nourishing and therapeutic effect on the body. It may help with conditions such as paralysis affecting the face or body, neurological problems, neck stiffness, lumbago (lower back pain), back problems, gout, arthritis, swelling in the knee joint, herpes, and certain skin conditions.