Urovasthi is a therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda that focuses on the chest region. It involves the application of warm herbal oil contained within a dough ring placed on the patient’s ribcage. Here are some key details about Urovasthi:

Duration: Urovasthi therapy typically lasts for about 30 minutes.

Therapist: The treatment is performed by one therapist who specializes in administering Urovasthi.

Benefits: Urovasthi is particularly beneficial for respiratory conditions such as asthma. It is also known to be helpful for coronary disease and muscle pain in the chest area.

Mechanism: The warm herbal oil used in Urovasthi is carefully selected and prepared to suit the individual patient. The oil is slowly poured into the dough ring and retained on the chest for a specific duration. This allows the medicinal properties of the oil to penetrate the skin and provide therapeutic benefits to the respiratory system and chest muscles.